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La BluSteel ™ Patrol Camera es uno de los dispositivos más avanzados que los departamentos de policía, las tropas militares, los bomberos, los trabajadores de ferrocarriles, los equipos petroquímicos, los trabajadores de mantenimiento de gas y electricidad, los administradores de la ciudad, los mineros industriales y muchos más utilizan en el trabajo diario.

AdvancedBluSteel Patrol Camera has the ability to stream in real-time from the device through a WIFI network. High-quality video can be seen live allowing real-time situational awareness and decision making. This ability has the potential to transform certain incident handling and outcomes, giving our customers a tool to enhance their effectiveness.
EfficentNavigating made easy through the comfortable control interface for photo&amp video functions, including "Live Audio/Video streaming " in 4G and WiFi to our Visual Control Platform allowing for real time monitoring.
DurableMade out of Aircraft Grade Aluminum gives the device its superior strength,  BluSteel is fast charging and runs on an android operating system employing Bluetooth 4.0 connection, Autofocus camera lens with 120 wide-angle lens, GPS with Triple Positioning and it can function normally at -20 to 40C temperatures.



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