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Utility Belt Adapter

➢ Quick Release Buckle - provides for easy mounting and dismounting in seconds

➢  Horizontal and vertical swivel - an amazing option to make the requirement of a body-cam obsolete

➢  Made with superior durable quality material

➢  Handsfree - allows instant hands-free operation of the BluSteel Patrol Camera

➢  Adaptable to Fit any Utility or Duty Belt - universal adaptability to Utility or Duty Belt - universal adaptivity to Utility or Duty Belts already in use by an officer

➢  Waterproof

➢  Optimal transport and comfort for using the BluSteel Patrol Camera all-day

➢  Military-grade material categorization



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Mississauga, ON
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Phone: 1-647-288-4775
Toll Free: 1-833-4MRKT-IT (67-5848)
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